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Kazuki Ishihara

Kazuki Ishihara

Representative Attorney / Patent Attorney

Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association
From Hyogo Prefecture
Kyoto University Faculty of Law
Kobe University Law School


The reason why I became a lawyer was that I thought that it was an excellent opportunity for me to challenge myself and to grow as a person. Lawyers are nothing more than people with licenses, but once you have that license, you get a voice with which you can speak to those who may not hear you otherwise. I think this is crucial for reaching people and having a positive impact on their lives.
It is not because I think Lawyers have any special privileges that others do not, but more for the fact that we can work together with others to really utilize the law as a tool, not confront it as an obstacle

Career (major milestones)

  • 2013  –  Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation. In the Legal Department etc. engaged in general corporate legal matters such as conducting law surveys, contract preparation, subsidiary management, executive office secretariat
  • 2015 –  Joined Kubota Law Firm, worked at the Tokyo office in a global law firm and was established independently by the official partner.
    In addition to business related to intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, etc., I was engaged in a wide range of business such as corporate legal matters (disputed cases/non-disputed cases) such as bankruptcy property cases,
  • 2017 –  Established Seven Rich Law, which provides legal services dedicated to startups and internet venture companies.


  • ● General Counsel, Collabit Inc. (current position)
    ● Corporate Auditor, Coconala Co., Ltd. (current position)
    ● Corporate Auditor, Mirrativ Inc. (current position)
    ● Representative Director, Legaltec Inc. (current position)
    ● Secretariat, Sharing Economy Japan Association (current post)
    ● The official authorized agent, Nippon Professional Baseball
    ● Licensing Executive Society (LES)
    ● Japan In-house Lawyer Association (JILA)
    ● Japan Content Team, Intellectual Property Lawyer Net (IPLNET)

Book and Writing