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Startups Plan – Service suitable for start-up companies.

Provides you with three essential services for a start-up company. At a minimum, this plan includes the three services that entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to when starting a new business in Japan. Therefore, our law firm can provide many consultations related to the entrepreneurship and new business fields to support our customers. This also comes at a very reasonable price. The three services we offer for this plan are as follows.

The services included in this plan.

Reviewing Non-Disclosure Agreements
There is always a risk when exposing your ideas and business plans to any potential partners. With our help, we can review NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to ensure the security of your business.
Online legal consultations
You can get in touch with us online for a legal meeting at any time. Also, with our vast knowledge, we can provide you with expert help in many different areas of business (only available online).
Provision of contract template
We will provide you with useful templates for drafting contracts for some of the most common business situations (NDAs, Memorandum of Understanding on Handling of Personal Information, Written Transaction Contracts, system development contracts, etc. as soon as requested).

When should you use this plan?

  1. When you want to consult someone on legal affairs when establishing a company or starting a new business
  2. When you want to protect confidential information and ideas from being misused or disclosed by business partners
  3. When you want to create a system that allows consultation with a lawyer as soon as the need arises
  4. When you require legal counsel