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Let’s create a new era with Seven Rich Law

I want to create a new future.I want to create a better world. For all entrepreneurs who share these feelings and goals, we will fully utilize the law and support you in every way we possibly can.
A specialist group of lawyers familiar with services that encourage and create innovation and new industries.

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Currently open positions

  • Lawyers / Patent Attorneys

    Your job focus would be preparing and reviewing contracts/terms of use, dispute resolution (involving laws and case studies), mediation/litigation, etc., domestic and international business related to intellectual property (patent and trademark applications and surveys).
    Occasionally, we ask our clients to aid us in solving our their legal issues by going out and staying at home.
    You should be self-motivated, set your own goals and be able to consider what the best way would be to achieve that goal.

  • Management consultant · marketer

    You will be responsible for actively planning our services, how we can expand them, and raising awareness of both the firm and our services. Organizing Partnerships with socially conscious companies and companies that are compatible with the services we offer. You’d also be responsible for understanding the needs of clients and thinking about how we can develop our company utilizing media, social media services, etc.

  • The others

    『Paralegal』Legal affairs assistance, patents/trademark affairs, fact research, translation, interpreting, etc. Overseas projects assistance, support for contract writing work, etc.『Secretary』SSchedule management, data entry, filing, document preparation, invoice preparation, business trip arrangements, bank correspondence, reception work, etc.『Intern』Learn the behind the scenes work that lawyers in our firm experience in their daily lives, and help with important matters to get a grasp of what it means to work with us.

Conditions and Salary

Salary Negotiable (We will decide based on previous experience and other such factors)
Bonus, Once a year (based on individual and company performance)
Membership fee office burden
Working hours, primarily 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (8 working hours)
Flexible, short-term work is possible
Holidays: Saturday and Sunday, public holidays, other predetermined holidays
Transportation expenses and actual expenses
Other paid holidays, health check, seminar participation etc.

Our Message

What possibilities and innovation could you see in your future?

By building a strong connection with entrepreneurs trying to bring about innovation, we will accelerate the arrival of a more convenient and richer society by focusing on the legal aspects, creating an environment in which ventures can thrive. We believe in the philosophy of aiming for unprecedented growth with our clients in the IT industry.We are confident in a future where innovative products and services are free to spread all over and enrich the lives of many people.We are looking for those looking to pursue these ideas together.

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